Care & Maintenance

Follow these tips to keep your floor looking great

  • Place mats at all entrances – Sand and grit walked into the house via footwear will act like sandpaper, resulting in scratches to the floor
  • Use Rugs and Runners in high traffic areas
  • Where possible avoid direct sunlight exposure which may result in cupping or a change in colour and sheen
  • Steam mops are not recommended as they may cause damage to the coating
  • Regular use of an antistatic mop will help to remove dust and grit
  • If using a vacuum, check the condition of the brushes to make sure they are not scratching your floor
  • Avoid using harsh detergents, abrasive cleaners, methylated spirits or vinegar – they may cause damage to the coating
  • Damp mopping is recommend monthly with a neutral pH wood floor cleaner or the product recommended by the manufacture of the coating you selected
  • Don’t allow water to sit on the floor, wipe up any spills or fix any leaks immediately
  • Place protective pads on furniture legs and check them every so often for grit or replacement
  • A buff and recoat is a great way to rejuvenate your floor and is less expensive than a total re-sand. A buff and recoat can be done while the existing coating is intact. You can test this by how your floor reacts to water. Choose a high wear area, if a few drops of water bead on the surface the coating is intact. If the water soaks into the timber and the colour of the timber darkens you will know that the coating has worn off and a total re-sand is required.
  • Make sure you keep a record of which coating has been used on your floor to ensure that any future coatings will be compatible.